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duminică, 6 octombrie 2013

Bike trailer

My dear visitators, Unfortunelly, I hadn't enough time to spend at my computer. So, I didn't write on my blog, but now it's time to tell you about the newest method to promote a product. I knew that most of us wish to have our business or we already have one and the client must know about this quickly. Bike trailer is the newest innovation in the advertising marketing, simply and efficient. Bike trailer helps people who want to promote their business, with three products. This products are: AdBicy, Ad Trailer and Utility Trailer. Probably, you ask yourself why do you need such services and with what would help Bike Trailer your business. First, we will speak about first product, AdBicy. This offer you a mobile billboard, designed for the outdoor industry. AdBicy is the first advertising trailer that use the human force in percentage of 100%. It can be transformed from advertising trailer for bike in advertising trailer for a man , but it can have three forms: portrait, landscape and square. It's easy to deposit, in your bag and can be transported in any place. Also, it can be transported by a bicyclist on every street or on a specially designed track or by a promoter who can go in all zones in which the other outdoor means of advertising are not allowed. This product is made by reinforced steel and can pluck an easy trailer without carry care the strength of the framework or the stability necessary for a walk without problems. The second product that Bike trailer is Ad Trailer, which offer you the opportunity to open your own advertising department, walking on bike with the advertising after you. And the last product is Utlity Trailer, the first system for deliver with bike. It's easy to use because the trailer can be completly dismember and in this way we reduce the storage costs. Beside this storage costs, we won’t have costs for fuel and taxes for car. With Utility Trailer we can avoid the agglomerations and we can deliver the merchandise anywhere on time. For more details, you can access the site and you will satisfy yourself. I hope that this article will be in your help and I request you to read frequently this blog because I promise you that it will be updated with every news. Have a nice day!
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